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Department Of Labor Issues Amended COBRA Notices

Conner Strong’s recently issued legislative bulletin Additional Details on COBRA Subsidy Extension Now Available outlined the COBRA premium reduction changes introduced by the Temporary Extension Act of 2010 (TEA) that amended the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). As of the date of Conner Strong’s publication, the US Department of Labor (DOL) was still in the process of updating its model notices and creating additional notices since these statutes require plans to notify participants (both current and former) and beneficiaries about the premium reduction.

The DOL has now issued the updated notices which are available at the DOL’s Employee Benefits and Security Administration web site (EBSA). Click here to view the model notices.

Each model notice has been designed for a particular group of qualified beneficiaries and contains information to help satisfy ARRA’s original notice provisions as well as the additional provisions set forth by the TEA.

The COBRA Premium Reduction Fact Sheet has also been revised to reflect information on the updated model notices. The Fact Sheet is available by clicking here.

Click here to review Conner Strong’s Legislative Update “President Signs Federal COBRA Subsidy Extension”.

If you have questions or need assistance with these new changes, please contact your Conner Strong representative toll-free at 1-877-861-3220.


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