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Latest National Health Insurance News And Year By Year Impact

This afternoon the Senate passed on a 56-43 basis the House amendments to the Senate’s original health bill. In spite of the fact that the House previously passed the Senate bill and their package of amendments, it was ruled earlier today that the House must re-vote. This is based on the complex and often arcane rules of the House and Senate. The House will likely take up the re-vote, and the President is expected to sign the final amended package immediately.

As evidenced by these latest developments, there is no shortage of complex and confusing information about health insurance reform. Over the next several days Conner Strong will be evaluating the final details and how they will impact employer and multi-employer based benefit plans and we will continue to issue important updates. To help map out the expected timeline of when the various pieces of the law take effect, Conner Strong has prepared a Year by Year Summary that illustrates when the laws will take effect. We encourage you to review this timeline to begin to understand the impact of the changes and key milestones.

Further, on Thursday, April 8th 10:00am - 11:15am EST Conner Strong’s Health & Welfare Compliance & Audit Practice will host a client webinar on National Health Insurance Reform and How it May Impact Your Business. This call will be led by Phyllis Sacareni, Esquire, Senior Vice President - Health & Welfare Compliance and Audit and Joe DiBella, Executive Vice President of the Health & Welfare Practice. Please hold the date. An invitation with registration information will be issued shortly.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the latest on national health insurance reform, visit or contact your Conner Strong account representative.


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